What is the boot camp referral program?

It costs us money to get the word out about how great Gwinnett County Adventure Boot Camp really is and how it helps so many people achieve their fitness goals and so much more!  Our best advertising is always from people who are already attending out camps. They tell their friends, family, coworkers, (especially when everybody starts seeing results), and pretty soon they are registering for boot camp too!  Since this saves us money, we want to give back to you, as a thank you for telling your friends about our program.  So you will get a $50 bill handed to you by Montrell whenever someone you told about boot camp signs up!

What do I have to do to be eligible for referral credits?

All you have to do to be eligible is pay for one full boot camp (2 day, 3 day or 4 day). So you can't get credit for the first camp you pay for.  But if you sign up and pay today, and your friend signs up tomorrow, and puts you down as their referral, you'll already have a $50 credit waiting for you the next day!

How do I get the credit applied to my account?

It's easy.  When your friend, family member, coworker, etc. registers for boot camp for the first time, they just need to put your email address on the registration form (at the bottom of page 1). By putting your email address in the Referred By field, it does two things - proves that they really do know you, and also immediately applies the credit to your account, since that's also your username on our website!

Do I need to do anything else?

Nope. Once they register and pay for camp, you automatically have that credit waiting for you. The NEXT time you register for a boot camp, you should see your Referral Credit(s) subtracted before you pay for your boot camp!

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can get?

Not at all. If you tell three friends about how great Gwinnett County Adventure Boot Camp is, and they all register and pay for boot camp for the first time, you'll have $150 waiting for you!

Any other restrictions?

It doesn't apply to past camps or deal sites. We do recognize that many of you have told friends and family and coworkers about us and those people have attended camp. And we appreciate that greatly. Referral credits can only be earned on alumni or returning campers. Referral credits cannot be combined with special promotions.

What if I don't see a credit I think I should have?

Just shoot us an email and let us know. We'll look into it and fix any issues.  But remember, the new camper MUST put your email address in the appropriate field when they register. 

» 3-5% reduction in body fat
» 5-12 pounds of weight loss
» 1-3" decrease in the midsection
» 25% increase in strength
» 25% improvement in endurance
» Better relaxation
» Greatly improved posture
» 100% gain in self-confidence
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