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$160 - 4 Days a week

$140 - 3 Days a week

$99 - 2 Days a week



See Reduced Monthly Pricing Below

Call 678-923-4794 to register for auto-draft.  Pricing and agreement below

By proceeding, you agree to the agreement as described.

A hand written copy can be made available by request.


Drop in rate - $15

1st time boot campers













 Ongoing Monthly Agreement:



Client hereby enters into agreement with Versatile Fitness, LLC.  Client agrees to this ongoing agreement for a minimum of 3 consecutive months at the specified rate below. You may end this agreement by sending an email to gcbootcamp@gmail.com 7 or more days before the next scheduled auto-draft.

Automatic drafts will occur the same day of each month when client begins boot camp while classes are in session.  If a lapse in payment occurs, then client will have 3 days to rectify before a 10% penalty is assessed on the 4th day.  Client may not attend boot camp sessions until payment becomes current.  An additional 5% penalty will accrue every week thereafter until payment is current.  Sessions may not be extended due to non-payment.  Non-payment after 30 days will be turned over to a collections agency and client will be responsible for ALL legal fees.

Versatile Fitness, LLC does not guarantee refunds for missed or unused sessions.  Credit cannot be given towards private training. There is no cash refund.

Locations and times are subject to change with notice.  If a location has changed or is no longer offered that is more than 10 miles away from the original registered location, then you may cancel your agreement without penalty and receive a refund for the pro-rated amount for unused sessions.

Please understand that Versatile Fitness, LLC desires to greatly improve your ability to accomplish your goals faster, safer, and with maximum benefits. You are making a commitment to health and are highly encouraged to come to each session within the purchasing agreement. All boot camp classes are held on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday unless otherwise specified on our website.  All clients are responsible to register for each session regardless of payment status. This agreement pricing cannot be combined with any other offers.





Ongoing Agreement Pricing


2 days a week is $99  $75/4-week


3 days a week is $140  $95/4-week


4 days a week is $160  $110/4-week




(Call 678-923-4794 to initiate Auto-Draft)







For best results, we
highly recommend the 5
day program.

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Click here if you have already registered for a specific camp and only need to make payment.

» 3-5% reduction in body fat
» 5-12 pounds of weight loss
» 1-3" decrease in the midsection
» 25% increase in strength
» 25% improvement in endurance
» Better relaxation
» Greatly improved posture
» 100% gain in self-confidence
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